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Your credit report

What is your credit report?

Your credit report contains your credit history - all the information on which your credit rating is based. It includes records of all your bank accounts, credit cards, store cards and Direct Debit arrangements, as well as all the name and address information you have used to set them up.

Your credit report is compiled by companies such as our credit services provider, TransUnion International UK Limited. They take information from banks and other companies with whom you have financial agreements, and they put it all together in a report.

New information is added to your credit report every month - for example, the fact that you paid your mobile phone bill on time that month and you didn't miss a payment on your car loan.

Your online credit report

We give you free* and unlimited online access to your credit report for the trial period. It's quick and easy. And because there's no minimum contract term, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Terms and Conditions of TransUnion International UK Limited

* Access to your credit report and credit information is free for the duration of your free 7 day trial period, a monthly membership fee of £19.99 will apply thereafter.

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