Your credit rating

Your credit rating

Your credit rating is a three-digit number from 0 to 710, based on the information in your credit report.

It is your credit rating that tells you how lenders are likely to rate you when they consider you for credit. Checking your credit report will enable you to spot any errors.

How is my credit rating calculated?

Our selected credit reference agency (in this case, our credit services provider, TransUnion International UK Limited) will calculate your credit rating using the information in your credit report. When a lender (a bank or a credit card company, for example) requests information about you, they will receive your credit rating and data from your credit report.

Why view your credit rating online?

Your credit rating doesn't just help you get credit; many lenders offer more than one interest rate and the best rates go to the people they see as the most creditworthy customers - in other words, the applicants with the best credit ratings. So it pays to know your rating.